BC Student Wins Eco-Student College Award

Ariany Cespedes

Bakersfield College Ariany Cespedes wins Kern County Green Award.

Recently, Elizabeth Rodacker, English faculty, emailed me about Ariany Cespedes.

Ariany won the Kern County Green Award for her work at Bakersfield College.  Ariana is a leader and role model when it comes to recycling and raising awareness about environmental issues. As the Vice President of Bakersfield College’s Go Green Club, she dedicates her time to the club by helping create flyers and videos regarding sustainability practices, and giving speeches to educate her peers about sustainability issues. She also acted as an organizer for fundraisers collecting money to provide recycling bins for the Bakersfield College campus.

Talking about Green Awards, BC has adopted sustainability as one of our Core Values.  Here it is:

We recognize our responsibility for continuing and maintaining this institution which has been shaped by over 100 years of resolute and tenacious labor and judicious foresight, so we unceasingly place our energies into imagining how we might sustain and renew our fiscal, human, and environmental resources into the future.

Communication Faculty Publish Textbook

Bakersfield College’s Communication department faculty publish a new textbook in a collaborative effort.


Andrea Thorson. Picture taken from the CSUB website

The textbook, called Contemporary Public Speaking: How to Craft and Deliver a Powerful Speech, was primarily authored by Andrea Thorson, who attended Bakersfield College from 2000-2002 and was a nationally recognized forensic competitor and coach. She now teaches public speaking and several other communication courses as a full time member of the Communication department here at Bakersfield College.

The other contributing authors are Mark Staller, Michael Korcok, Helen Acosta, John Giertz, and Debra Thorson, all of whom have significant experience in speech and debate and are decorated competitors and coaches. The authors of this text have over 150 years of combined experience teaching the public speaking course.

“Our book recognizes the importance of multicultural teaching and diversity in public speaking. This textbook incorporates multiple voices, perspectives, and approaches. We believe this contemporary, collaborative endeavor creates more space for the classroom instructor’s own voice (Thorson et. al, 2013, preface). The text offers the standard components but offers unique additions including chapters on language, reasoning,and software presentations.

The primary reason the textbook was crafted was to prepare for a bid to the Open Educational Resource OER that is coming up in the next year or so. OER would make it so that selected published texts would become free to all students in California in e-book form.

The text has recently been adopted by a CSU and is set to become an e-book by next year. Congratulations to these amazing Bakersfield College faculty!

BC talks about our First Generation students

The Bakersfield College team at the First Generation movie showing in Delano!

The Bakersfield College team at the First Generation movie showing in Delano! Steve Watkin, Liz Peisner, Terri Goldstein, Janet Fulks

Last week, Bakersfield College held special showings of the movie “First Generation,” which highlights the plight of California’s first generation college-going students. Three showings at the Panorama Campus were filled, and a fourth at the Delano Campus was widely attended!

Exposure to this type of information and learning is essential as we work to understand our students, their backgrounds, and their goals. Despite our best efforts to provide the highest-quality learning experience possible, so many external factors impact the potential success of our students. By better understanding the plight of the first-generation student, Bakersfield College can adjust its service capabilities and educational plans, and better serve this special population’s needs.

Janet Fulks, biology faculty member made the movie a reality at Bakersfield College. She brought together a team from across campus to encourage current and future students and their families, and Bakersfield College staff, too!

After the Delano presentation of “First Generation,” Janet emailed me, and I wanted to share with you what she said.

I want to give a shout out to the incredible First Generation Team who’s names are listed below. We had about 200 people at the Delano movie showing last night thanks to the great work of Rich McCrow. Faculty at Delano were commenting that “I am that student in the film, but I finally made it through and am a faculty member now.” Students were commenting on specific steps they are going to take to complete college, see counselors, complete my education plan, look into financial aid etc.

We will have reached over 500 people with this film after the last showing today. Thanks to everyone for your great support!

First Generation Committee:Vickie Coffee, Terri Goldstein, Tina Tuttle, Janet Fulks, Kristin Rabe, Tarina Perry, Amber Chiang, Richard McCrow, Alice Desilagua (HS counselors), JoAnn Acosta, Primavera Arvizu, Kim Van Horne, Heidi Forsythe, John Gerhold, Steve Watkin, Janet Thomas, Liz Rozell, Mary Webb, Liz Peisner, Shannon Musser, Heidi Gilliard.

Pat Smith, who is a criminal justice instructor here at Bakersfield College, messaged Janet about the movie and how she related to the movie premise:

I am taking my class to today’s 1 pm showing…I hope we all fit.  I am looking forward to it because I am that student also and I am now faculty!  My parents were Spanish speaking and never went to college so they could not share with me what college would be like.  They knew to encourage me to go however and believed in education.  What got me through was my cousin…she  was a BC professor here and she helped me tremendously by telling me what college was like and what classes to take.  I am forever grateful that she encouraged me to pursue a college degree.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. This is what Renegade pride is all about – understanding the challenges and meeting the needs of students!

Allied Health Open House Welcomes 80 Potential Students. Feb 24, 2014

On Feb 24th, Bakersfield College’s Allied Health department, which houses nursing, radiologic technology, and EMT education programs, held an open house with visiting high school students from Arvin High School and East High School. Both of these schools have health academies, which do preliminary training for students who know early on that they wish to seek a health career. About 80 students attended the event, which was made possible by an SB 70 grant and donations of supplies from several Bakersfield College departments.

The event kicked off at 9:00 AM in Renegade Park with a warm welcome talk by Cindy Collier, Dean of Allied Health/Nursing. From there, the students split into 3 groups and headed off to different demonstrations.

One group stayed at Renegade Park for a spirited talk by RN Nursing Department Chair Jennifer Johnson. She advised the students on the importance of taking more than the required math and science classes in high school to better succeed in college, and also informally shared her personal experiences in studying for and working within the Nursing profession.

A second group headed over to the Math&Science building to the “Allied Health Skills Lab” to see demonstrations on medical mannequins used by Nursing students to gain experience with techniques, and try them out firsthand using stethoscopes to listen to artificial heartbeats and breathing rhythms. There were other medical mannequins as well – one of them could cough and retch in an unexpectedly realistic way. But it was “venipuncture” that elicited the most enthusiasm and interest, however, both from the brave few that volunteered to try it out, and their classmates who watched earnestly.

The third group went to the Radiologic Technology Lab in MS21 for demonstrations by volunteer “RadTech” students. Morgan Dang showed a group of students from Arvin High School how to perform X-Rays of patients’ torsos. Students got to experience first-hand what a patient would experience.  Students also learned about all of the safety methods Rad Technicians practice – including wearing the same lead-lined aprons that technicians wear when performing X-Rays. Robert Perez explained specific machines while walking students through various safety procedures, like wearing RadTechs goggles.

All three groups of students reassembled at Renegade Park to have lunch provided by the BC Culinary Students. The various tables were abuzz with conversation, laughter, and excitement. East High Senior Kevin shared that while he originally was not sure if he was really going to pursue a career in the medical field, going through the open house changed his mind. Both students and teachers seemed extremely pleased with the outcome of the day.

Harvey Hall and AmbulanceThe event concluded with a driver from Hall Ambulance talking to the students after lunch. He spoke on his initial interest in operating an ambulance, and shared his experiences pursuing training and the various highlights of his career and gave them advice he’d learned along the way.  Thank you Mayor Harvey Hall for your continued support of BC in multiple ways.

In the end, this was truly an amazing event. Organizers of the event, including CTE Advisor Pamela Gomez and Allied Health/C6 Advisor Dinorah Castro, acknowledged all the people who made the event an amazing success, including Cindy Collier, Jennifer Johnson, Nancy Perkins, Nancy Mai, David Taylor from Hall Ambulance, Gabi Martin, Carol Harrison, Sandy Davis, Ann-Marie Michalski, Christine Dunn, Pam Gomez, and Antonio Alfaro. Special thanks go to students Aisha Hassan, Harjet Kaur, Brianne Muirhead, Janelle Digilio, Marben Foronda, Morgan Dang and Robert Perez, and to Dinorah’s daughter, Natalie, who is in high school and provided event coordination efforts!

Great work, team!

Jason Haffner Wins RadTech Challenge

Jason and Nancy

Jason Haffner and Nancy Perkins, Director, Radiologic Technology Program

More good student news! Nancy Perkins, director of Bakersfield College’s Radiologic Technology program, emailed about Jason Haffner, who has done what no Bakersfield College student has done before: placed first in the Student Challenge at the Annual Conference of the Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology. Nancy, tell us about it:

I am very pleased to announce that Jason Haffner, a sophomore student in the Associate in Science Radiologic Technology Program at Bakersfield College was the 1st place winner of the Student Challenge at the 39th Annual Conference of the Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology (ACERT).

ACERT is an educational organization dedicated to improving the quality of education at the collegiate level in radiologic technology. ACERT held its annual meeting on February 5-7, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual meeting provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information related to collegiate radiologic science education and health professions. As part of each annual meeting ACERT holds a Student Challenge which is a planned sample mock registry exam to prepare students for the licensure certification exam for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). This year there were 387 students in attendance representing 43 community colleges and universities from across the United States. Nine radiologic technology second-year students and four faculty members represented Bakersfield College at the conference.

Jason was awarded a certificate of recognition as well as a monetary award for his superb efforts in the student challenge! Well done Jason! He began the Radiologic Technology Program in June 2012 and is scheduled to graduate in May 2014 with his Associate in Science Degree. Jason has excelled both academically in his program courses as well as learning and practicing the profession during his clinical education courses. Jason has applied himself to his academic preparation and in each course and comes well prepared by his studious attention to detail and learning the “right way” to work with patients effectively, compassionately and competently. Jason has been part of the cohort of radiography students participating in the Central California Community Colleges Committed to Change (C6) consortium grant that enhances student success through effective changes in teaching and learning within the radiography program. Following graduation, Jason will be taking his ARRT licensure examination and will be seeking employment within Kern County. His future plans include pursuing education in either computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Jason has also been dedicated to Bakersfield College with the BC archives project. Jason first worked with the archives project beginning in January 2009 as a student worker. He has since been promoted to the position of archives assistant helping our college celebrate and record the wonderful achievements of our 100 year-old institution.


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