2014 BC Art Student Exhibit

3D art BC student Marisol Calisto

Artist: BC student Marisol Calisto




Check out the piece in today’s Californian on the 2014 BC Art Student Exhibit:


The opening reception for the artists is today, April 24th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.






We are fortunate to have an incredible Art department at Bakersfield College.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate our dedicated and talented faculty and staff:

David Koeth — Chair of the department

Laura BornemanDrawing, Painting, Figure Drawing

Emily MaddiganCeramics, Sculpture, Art Appreciation

Nancy MagnerArt Appreciation, Art History

Adel ShafikDigital Arts, 2D Design

Kristopher StallworthPhotography, Digital Photography

Cameron Brian

Christopher Lessley

Cecilia Noyes

Debora Rodenhauser

Armando Rubio

Margaret Nowling

Bakersfield College Wins Statewide PR Award

Amber Chiang with the CCPRO Award

Amber Chiang with the CCPRO Award

Sometimes, good things can come out of challenging situations. That is the case for Bakersfield College’s year-long communication effort on the athletics sanctions which were announced last May. Before that announcement was made, Bakersfield College’s Public Information Officer, Amber Chiang, was hard at work planning our communication strategy, and after the announcement, she continued this work to keep the college’s message, plans, and position in the community through strategic outreach.

In February, Amber looked back on the year of work, and submitted an extensive package of information to the Community Colleges Public Relations Organization PRO Award competition’s “Media Success Story” category. Bakersfield College took home top honors on April 17!

That night, Amber accepted the award on behalf of Bakersfield College and texted me just after the win.. Amber said she found the sustained crisis communications effort to be professionally challenging, and was elated the college was recognized by our peers for our work. Most of the time, happy news items win the “Media Success Story” category (Bakersfield College won it in 2012 for our media outreach on Dr. Levan’s historic gift), so for a crisis communication effort to win is really something special.

Bakersfield College’s “Media Success Story” scored 56 out of a possible 60 points to win. The judges’ comments included:

Well executed! A textbook example of how to respond to such a development. Wow!

An admirable, disciplined effort under difficult circumstances. Very well organized and prepared.

Amber’s role in the sanctions communications was not an easy one; she battled internal and external forces while working to maintain the college’s image in the community and our focus on students.  Good work Amber! and thank you!

SGA Fills the Bank at Blood Drive

Celebrating the Blood Drive

Stephanie Gibbons, Houchin Community Blood Bank community development account manager presented SGA President Shelby Sward with the 2013 National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge award for 10th place of participating colleges and universities.

Recently, Bakersfield College’s Student Government Association hosted their annual Cesar Chavez Blood Drive in partnership with Houchin Blood Bank. Stephanie Gibbons, our contact at Houchin, sent an update email after the event to let Bakersfield College’s team know exactly how successful the event was.

The results were amazing, with total donations surpassing last year’s blood drive at Bakersfield College by 40 units. Moving the Houchin buses to the Campus Center resulted in awareness among students and an increase in first-time donors. For the two day event, 394 students registered to donate, and 293 units of blood were collected. There were 204 first time donors this year, compared to 167 last year. I am so proud of our Bakersfield College students!

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, including SGA president Shelby Sward, and Director of Student Life, Liz Peisner. Bakersfield College is committed to the health and wellness of our community.

Let me take this moment to review one of our six Core Values–Wellness.

We believe health and wellness to be integral and foundational elements, and we understand that a holistic education improves all aspects of the individual and the society including the mind, body, and spirit; through education, we will positively impact the health of the natural environment and the global community.

BC Student Wins Eco-Student College Award

Ariany Cespedes

Bakersfield College Ariany Cespedes wins Kern County Green Award.

Recently, Elizabeth Rodacker, English faculty, emailed me about Ariany Cespedes.

Ariany won the Kern County Green Award for her work at Bakersfield College.  Ariana is a leader and role model when it comes to recycling and raising awareness about environmental issues. As the Vice President of Bakersfield College’s Go Green Club, she dedicates her time to the club by helping create flyers and videos regarding sustainability practices, and giving speeches to educate her peers about sustainability issues. She also acted as an organizer for fundraisers collecting money to provide recycling bins for the Bakersfield College campus.

Talking about Green Awards, BC has adopted sustainability as one of our Core Values.  Here it is:

We recognize our responsibility for continuing and maintaining this institution which has been shaped by over 100 years of resolute and tenacious labor and judicious foresight, so we unceasingly place our energies into imagining how we might sustain and renew our fiscal, human, and environmental resources into the future.

Communication Faculty Publish Textbook

Bakersfield College’s Communication department faculty publish a new textbook in a collaborative effort.


Andrea Thorson. Picture taken from the CSUB website

The textbook, called Contemporary Public Speaking: How to Craft and Deliver a Powerful Speech, was primarily authored by Andrea Thorson, who attended Bakersfield College from 2000-2002 and was a nationally recognized forensic competitor and coach. She now teaches public speaking and several other communication courses as a full time member of the Communication department here at Bakersfield College.

The other contributing authors are Mark Staller, Michael Korcok, Helen Acosta, John Giertz, and Debra Thorson, all of whom have significant experience in speech and debate and are decorated competitors and coaches. The authors of this text have over 150 years of combined experience teaching the public speaking course.

“Our book recognizes the importance of multicultural teaching and diversity in public speaking. This textbook incorporates multiple voices, perspectives, and approaches. We believe this contemporary, collaborative endeavor creates more space for the classroom instructor’s own voice (Thorson et. al, 2013, preface). The text offers the standard components but offers unique additions including chapters on language, reasoning,and software presentations.

The primary reason the textbook was crafted was to prepare for a bid to the Open Educational Resource OER that is coming up in the next year or so. OER would make it so that selected published texts would become free to all students in California in e-book form.

The text has recently been adopted by a CSU and is set to become an e-book by next year. Congratulations to these amazing Bakersfield College faculty!


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